Personalized Childbirth Education

We offer a four part Childbirth Education Series and one day referesher coursed in your home. Classes a specifically tailored to your individual needs and learning objectives. 

4 Part Course $175.00

1.5 hr Class Refresher $ 50.00

Each class is schedueled at your convenience. 

Class 1- Esploring your Values, Judgements, and Preferences, Nutrition, Strengthinging your Birthing Team, Relxing Massage, Intro to Self Hypnosis.

Class 2- All about Labor, Partner Support, Posittions and Movements for Labor Progress, Interventions.

Class 3- Pushing, finalizing your Birth Preferences, Hospital Policy and Practice, Be your Best Advocate.

Class 4- Newborn Characteristics and Care, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Self Care.