Printable Birth Plan

Create your own birth plan using the attached images!

To create a printable birth plan, click, drag and drop the picture tiles on your desktop or document. Share this with your provider at a prenatal appointment and bring several copies to the hospital. 

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A birth plan is a guide. It provides education on all of the decisions that are yours to make. It gives you a starting point for conversation with your provider before your birthing day. Open and honest conversation is essential to your satisfaction with your birthing experience.  Many of the options pictured below are not routine hospital policy or in the comfort zone of your provider. Your customized plan helps to uncover your wishes and allows for discussion about y our options with hospital staff.  It may be necessary to sign forms in the hospital stating you decline procedures. Your plan is great tool for your partner who may not remember every last detail of your wishes. Labor is unpredictable. Be flexible! Some of the items on your printable birth plan may not be the safest option in the event of complications.  

For example: A provider states that  they do delayed cord clamping. 

You ask,”What does delayed cord clamping mean to you?” It is important the you tell your provider and hospital staff exactly what your expectations are for delayed cord clamping in a normal uncomplicated birth or Cesarean. 

  • 1-2 minuets?
  • 2-3 minuets?
  • Cord is flat and white?
  • Until they can no longer feel a pulse?
  • After the placenta is delivered? 
  • Do they milk the cord?
  • Do they routinely take cord blood?
  • If yes, how is the cord blood used? 
  • What if there is a Cesarean?

This is jus one example of how a Doula uses a birth plan to educate you and improve your birthing experience.