Birth Doula Services

Updates to Birth Doula Services.

Currently, there are 4 hospitals allowing doulas as a second support person-Summa City, Metro in Cleveland, Mercy in Canton and Aultman Orriville. We understand that this redefines what doula support will look like. Our doulas will provide the same level of prenatal care, labor with you at home and transition to virtual support if you are delivering in a hospiral with restrictions. A basic doula package will be discounted to $690.00. If hospital policies change, original pricing applies. Deposits remain the same. Premium and Ultimate Services are not discounted. We are happy to answer any questions you have! 330-209-5351 

“Nuts & Bolts” Birth Doula Services

-A minimum of 2 prenatal meetings
The first is an intake of your history, an assessment of your needs and wishes for your birth (birth plan), and discussion of concerns and questions. It essentially helps me understand my role based on your expectations.
The second (Premim and Ultimate Packages) teaches you advanced comfort measures including Spinning Babies® Techniques, Self Hypnosis, Peanut and Birth Ball Techniques, and many more. The second (Basic Package) or Third (Premium and Ultimate Package) is a labor trial. We will practice using the Doula tools including positions for comfort, massage techniques, aromatherapy, etc. We will discuss all your options, possible outcomes and finalize your birth plan.
We can meet additional times if needed or at your request
This is your birth. I respect and support your decisions for your ideal birth experience:)
-Unlimited phone and internet support.
-Education ( You can pick my brain)
-Free access to the Parent Course at Evidence Based Birth®
-Continuous labor and delivery support that can begin in your home or when we meet at the hospital. This includes non-medical comfort measures during labor, positions and movements for labor and birth, strategies for coping during difficult labors: including back labor, self-care recovery measures, waterbirthing, assessing, and education of breast feeding technique immediately following birth.
We usually remain with you until breastfeeding is established and you are settled postpartum.                                                                              -Pemium and Ultimate Packages include Vitals, Hearttones, BP checks, Baby’s Position Evaluation                                                                                                                            -Patient Advocacy   -Safe Essential Oils use
-1 Postpartum visit in your home, at your request (Basic Package)                                                                                                                                -2 Postpartum visits in your home, at your request (Premium & Ultimate Package)
Included are breastfeeding or bottle feeding support and education, newborn and infant care information, personal care information, home organization, sibling adjustment information, assistance with adjusting to new roles, answering questions and addressing any concerns.
Also, it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your birth.
Postpartum support that continues through the fourth trimester adds household organizational support: preparing occasional light meals, grocery shopping, light laundry, tidying and dish washing.
We hope you will give us the opportunity to meet with you as it is most important for you to find a doula that you completely trust and are comfortable. Supporting birthing people and their families is our passion. We truly believe birth is an empowering, transforming, and life changing event. Every person can have a positive birth experience with the right education and support.

Above all else, we am committed and compelled to provide you with the same level of tender loving care we give our own families.  We are accessible via home & cell phone, facebook, twitter, and e-mail. We will do our best to answer all your questions with evidence based information.  Although we lean toward the Midwifery model of care, the Medical Model is what most of you will be required to navigate. We firmly believe that a beautiful, and positive birth experience can be achieved in a hospital setting. We support your choices, which could include a non-medicated birth, use of an epidural, or scheduled cesarean. Your journey begins with open communication with your care provider, knowledge of hospital practices and procedure, constructing a workable Birth Plan, flexibility, and trust in yourself and your body. (of course hiring a Doula:)

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the day you welcome a new life, healthy, happy, and full of promise.

Additional Services

Individual Sessions $50.00 each
In Home Childbirth Class $175.00 4, 1.5-2 hr Sessions -N.E.A.R Client Only
Photography Sizing and Color Correcting $125.00
Maximum 30 photos
Placenta Encapsulation, Tincture $250.00
Placenta Art $ 75.00
Birth Video $150.00
Keepsake Birth Story $50.00
Relaxation CD $5.00
Electrodes for Use of TENS $15.00
AromaTouch Massage $65.00, Belly Binding Prices Vary 

Essential Oils –