Birth Doula Calendar

Feel free to contact us if your due date is at or near a time blocked out of the Birth Doula Calendar. We are a team of 2 Doulas. One of us is always available. You will have the opportunity to meet us at either the Complimentary Consultation or prenatal visits, schedules permitting.  Consultations can be held over Zoom or in person at our office. The appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Available times include days, evenings, and Saturday 10-2pm. Phone (330)209-5351. The Birth Doula Calendar does not reflect availability for Home Birth Midwifery Services. As of Jan 2021 Doulas are permitted at Wooster Community Hospital, Aultman Orriville, Summa City, Cleveland Clinic Hospitals and Lake West. For all other facilities we are offering the same prenatal support, laboring at home, and virtual support at the hospital. A discount will be applied for virtual support. Please call for details.