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Your Doulas

rachel-headshotminiThis is an exciting time to be a Doula! We are not a household name, yet, but I see that in the very near future. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the World Health Organization has officially endorsed Doulas, “Continuous labor support, including support provided by doulas, is one of the most effective ways to decrease the cesarean rate.” How have we done this? Doulas are your most passionate advocate throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We will never speak for you but we will give you a voice. You will be knowledgeable on every decision you may have to make, understand the risks and benefits, and gain confidence discussing your options with your care providers. We trust the birth process. With Doula support you will come to believe in yourself, baby and body. We want you to feel connected to your baby physically, emotionally and spiritually. The power in the process of creation is there for you to utilize. New science has shown us that your baby releases adult stem cell to “cure what ails you”. I always believed that there was a scientific reason why I felt so wonderful during pregnancy. I had a WOW! moment when I learned that science has found brain cells from our children in the mothers’ brains. (no wonder we know exactly what they are thinking!)
During labor I never leave your side. As an expert in the labor process, I can help you manage any labor dystocia. Labor dystocia is any issue that negatively effects labor progress. It may be fear, stress, baby mal-position, muscle spasm, tendon or ligament pain, the atmosphere, or unresolved emotional pain. 100% of my focus is on the mother and her partner. I am your only care provider that is not influenced by an institution, litigation, and regulations. This does not mean that I ever contradict medical advice. Medical advise is outside the scope of practice for a Doula. In order for your to have a great birth experience I have to maintain the utmost respect for essential and non essential hospital/birth center staff. I am proud of the excellent relationship I have at all area hospitals and care providers. We are a team.
Doulaing and Midwifery are not just a career, they are my passion. Every day I research new methods and techniques to be more effective during the labor process, while still protecting the sanctity of your birthing day. I treasure every birth experience and am truly honored to guide and support you on this journey. Your labor experience has a profound impact on the rest of your life. Expect nothing less than a day filled with peace, love, joy, and empowerment.
In Doula Spirit,