Your Midwife

10 years of supporting women as a Doula taught me that Birth is not inherently dangerous. Preparation is the key to a successful birth experience. What better way to share this knowledge than to advance my practice to include Midwifery Services? In 2015 I began that journey. I am pursuing my Certified Practical Midwife designation with The North American Registry of Midwives. Currently, in Ohio, I am practicing as a Lay Midwife. What makes a successful and safe home birth possible? It begins with developing a trusting relationship. We will work closely on all aspects of your prenatal health: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Great care an attention will be given to you based on your values and preferences. You and your baby’s SAFETY are our top priority. Throughout each trimester will provide you with education on nutrition, physical well being, relaxation, strategies for coping, home preparation, and post birth care. We work closely with medical care providers to assure all your needs are met and complications can be addressed. Welcoming a new member of your family in the comfort of your home is a blessed event. I look forward to the opportunity to help make all your Birth Day dreams come true!

Love & Support,