Rachel Mueller (PCD)DONA, CD(DONA), CLC

It has been an honor and privilege to serve women and their families the past 9 years. My journey began as a Postpartum Doula. I added Birth Doula services in 2010 and N.E.A.R. To You Doula Birth & Postpartum Services ltd. was born. 200+ families later, I am proud to offer Monitrice Services, Childbirth Education, Birth Photography & video, Placenta Encapsulation & Art, AromaTouch Massage, TENS for pain Management, & Keepsake Birth Stories. I surround myself with wonderful women who have the same passion, desire, and commitment to whole mind and body health. The medical system in place is difficult to navigate. With educational and emotional support you can become an empowered consumer. Our goal is to put you on the path that best fits your medical/natural mindset. You will learn about your options, discover your unique set of values, and hopefully, learn something brand new about yourself and your partner.
This year I celebrated my 31st Wedding Anniversary with my amazing husband Jeffrey. I am a mother of four children and 2 Grandchildren! Stefan 29 (Daughter Alice 16 mon), Samantha 28 (Son Avery 2.5 yrs), Cassandra 25, and Seth 18. Our youngest graduated from High School this year and is headed to Kent State! Each birth brought new challenges: Induction, Posterior position (Back Labor!), SROM in the car, prolonged early labor, stalled labor, difficult breastfeeding, jaundice, acid reflux, and finishing with Seth’s really incredible birth experience. I was fortunate to have an amazing Obstetrician, Dr. James Linn, Milwaukee, WI. He trusted birth, genuinely cared about his patients, had a reverence for life and family that is rare today. Every woman and her family deserves to be respected, cherished, encouraged, and guided through their journey to motherhood.
Continuing education is vital to my practice. I attend webinars, workshops, and conventions several times a year. I work tirelessly to provide my clients and the general public with information that is evidence based and supported by well conducted studies. To further support my passion, I earned the designation of an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. As a client of NEAR To You, you are entitled to a free online birth perpetration course from EBB®. This is very exciting! I continue my studies to become a Certified Practical Midwife. Earlier this year I became certified in Emergency Skills for Home Birth Midwives.
You’ll find all of this and more at N.E.A.R To You Doula Birth & Postpartum Services ltd.
I look forward to helping you have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond!
In Doula Spirit, Rachel