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Jessica Denham CD(NEAR)

jessicad My passion to support women through childbirth began as I became a mother. My birth story is a beautiful one, and I truly believe that I owe it to the wonderful team of women who supported me. I feel so strongly that all women deserve to feel empowered by the act of giving birth. With that realization, I decided to dedicate myself to supporting women in reaching that same empowerment that I had. I reached out to local Midwives until I found one who was training women to become Doulas. This was a new word for me. I had never heard of Doulas before. I was lucky enough to have had an incredible Nurse working alongside my Midwife. After doing research I came to realize that my Nurse was a Doula in spirit, and that not all Nurses are able to take the time to do all the little things that this Nurse did for me. As a Nurse myself, I know what it is like to get swept up in your duties and wish that you had the time to give a more personal touch. I realized that as a Doula I could give that personal touch. It would be my whole job! So I have spent the last couple years training to be a Doula, going to births whenever I could find the time in my busy schedule as a Nurse. Since then I have left the nursing field to pursue my passion of full time Doula work and training to become a Midwife. I am so grateful to the Midwives, Doulas, and Parents who have been a part of my journey so far. And I look forward to everyone who will be a part of the journey to come.