EBB Placenta Disclaimer

EBB Policy on Placenta Encapsulation

Due to the lack of quality research or safety information on placenta encapsulation for lactating mothers and breastfed infants, EBB cannot and does not endorse placenta encapsulation at this time.
For the safety of mothers and infants, for liability reasons, and to uphold the professional reputation of EBB, EBB Instructors who practice or promote placenta encapsulation must follow the following policy regarding information that you post on your website, via social media, or in any communication with clients about placenta encapsulation:
Information should state that the benefits of placenta encapsulation have not been proven by research and only anecdotal information is available. For example, “Some women claim to have experienced…” is acceptable language. “These are the benefits of placenta encapsulation…” is not acceptable language.
The research that is cited on most placenta encapsulation information websites is either old or of very poor quality. “Research has proved the benefits” is not acceptable language regarding placenta encapsulation.